John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Friday, January 7, 2011

Starting Today

Starting Today...

I am going to try to post a new blog at least twice a week. I will try to work up to three but I will likely be doing good to post two. So, with that said my first blog of 2011:

Our year started off with a lot of changes. Sometimes when we think of changes it automatically takes your mind to someplace of negativity but we have had some changes and they have all been for the betterment of our family. I accepted a new job and so did John. Both of our new jobs mean new schedules, new responsibilities, and new adjustments but we have adjusted well and we are actually beginning to get the "hang of it" so to speak. I am enjoying my new job and love the actual work I am doing and John is really loving his new position as well. It is always so scary to step outside of your "comfort zone" and go for it... and sometimes you need a little pushing but in the end it is all well worth it. I sit here in awe as I think back over the last six months and all the things that have happened and all the changes we have been through, at how God works things out for our good. He makes everything work together so perfectly. Sometimes when things happen and we wonder why on EARTH is this happening to me, we are going through a test and at the end is such a great reward!

Highlights from 2010:
*Watching my life's plan take a drastic turn and get me to exactly where God wants me and trying my best to follow that path and keeping my eyes fixed on Him so He will keep His eyes fixed on me!
*Continuing on in my journey of life with my husband, John. I have enjoyed watching our relationship mature and grow.
* Watching and listening to my children grow and mature... although sometimes it is hard to realize how big they are actually getting.
*Going on our first ever family vacation with the WHOLE family. We went on a cruise for a week to Mexico and we enjoyed it so much. It was so fun to get away from everything and just have fun and relax! The kids loved it so much and it truly made my heart smile.
*We did Random Acts of Kindness all through December and my boys have learned so many valuable lessons from each one of them.
*Experiencing the wonderment and magical elements of Christmas through my children's eyes. Christmas of 2010 will be one that I always will remember because it was truly the very best Christmas we have ever had. Santa accidentally left his pack at our house and we had to go through it and Rudolph lost a silver sleigh bell in our yard and my children got to experience their very first snow ever! It was such a wonderful time!
* New Year's Eve was just as fun. I spent all day long with my two sweet little boys and just ran around town and took them to spend some of their Christmas money and we had a "lunch date". It was a really fun day that ended in a much needed and well deserved date night with John. We went to the New Year's Eve Bash at the Marriott and we had such a great time with a great friend of ours, Aaron. We were able to enjoy his company along with his son, Trace that whole weekend. It was a very fun and memorable time.

I am anticipating a wonderful year. It has gotten off to a great start. We have held two "Rainey Family Cinema Night" movie nights with the kids, Callum is getting adjusted to his new school and new "full-time" house, Kobe is playing basketball and he made the Honor Roll at school, and Samuel is getting smarter every single day! They all amaze me at how smart they are. I have decided that no matter what happens in life, you just roll with it because it is part of a BIGGER plan and He will work it all out in the end. Afterall, He already knows the ending, He wrote it. He makes all things work together for our good.

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  1. Happy 2011 Beth I hope this year has many great things in store for you!


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