John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Saturday, January 8, 2011

No Plans, No Worries

Last night, after Kobe's basketball game, my dad took Kobe and Callum to his hunting club for the weekend. We packed their bags with warm clothes and some yummy snacks and took them with us to the gym because they were all excited to leave as soon as the game was over. They wanted to hurry up and get there as fast as possible! So, that left John and I with only one child for the evening. Since he is the youngest, we figured he would likely fall asleep on the way home and we would maybe enjoy a movie together. When we all begin leaving the gym and saying our good-bye, be careful, have fun, and call me lines to each other... I noticed that my little three year old had other plans. He saw his two big brothers going hunting with Poppa and since he isn't quite old enough just yet he wanted "plans" too! He decided that the best Friday night plan for him was to go home with his Nana. Of course, his Nana didn't even have to be asked... she was very easily convinced. So, our plans we had no longer existed. John and I rarely get time without any of our children and so we don't really know what to do. We got in the car and sort of laughed about it but quickly realized we had no plans and would have to figure something out... quick! We came home and just relaxed. We didn't turn on a computer or a TV. We sat in front of our "fire place" and just talked. We talked about the past, the present, and the future. We dreamed together of things and we laughed about things and we had the best time. Normally, I am someone who loves a very clearly laid out set of plans and when one little thing gets thrown off... I panic. That was one of the best dates we have ever had!

It is rare that we don't have anything planned on Saturdays. That seems to be the day that we push everything to. If we need to go buy anything or look for anything it is always done on Saturday. Games, and spend the night company staying over to play from the night before,laundry, cleaning, and anything and everything in between usually occupies my Saturdays. Not so for this Saturday. With all three boys gone we were able to sleep in... John got up at 7 and I got up at 8 ;! Hey, that's sleeping in to us! We only had two things on our agenda for the day... go pick up Samuel and go get a tire put on my SUV. So, we took our time and leisurely got ready to go on our day's adventure. We went straight to pick up our little "Wild Man Sam" and went straight to the tire place. Samuel enjoyed that more than I thought he would. He enjoyed looking at all the "monster truck tires" and I think his favorite part was "driving" the car while we waited on our new tire to be put on. He "drove" us all over the place! We went to the beach and Wal-Mart and to the moon! He has such a big and sweet imagination. Once we were done there we had... once again... no plans. We decided that we needed something to eat and since it was closer to lunch than breakfast... we decided on lunch food. A quick choice was made by Samuel. He wanted Rice Box. He loves going to The Rice Box and he has found a new favorite... Cho Cho Chicken and rice. After our lunch since Samuel has been telling me that he wants a pet hermit crab we decided to go over to Romancing The Stone in the mall where they sell them to look at them and let him see them and "play" with them and then we were going to surprise him and tell him he could take one home. We got there and he looked at them and talked about them and did everything BUT touch them. He acted afraid of them. That must be something that he loves from a distance... So John and I decided that now wasn't the time for a pet. So from there we let Samuel navigate the day. He took us to the "hunting store" because he loves looking at the four wheelers, The Children's Place where he walked out with two new toys, Krispy Kreme for a sprinkle donut, and K-Mart. On the way home, we looked back and he was napping. John and I decided to ride around a little longer and we held hands and just talked. We finally made it home and quietly brought Samuel in so he could finish his nap and so that John and I could relax. I learned today that everything doesn't have to planned out to the very minute. Sometimes... no plans are the best plans.

John and Sam

Me and Sam

He is very serious about driving!

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