John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun "Rainey" Days

Usually almost every single weekend is packed so full of obligations and plans that we rarely have time to just relax and wander around town. This past weekend we got to mix both obligations and fun together. We started off at a Friday night basketball game with Kobe. His team played their little hearts out. They didn't win but the did have a ton of fun. After all, that is what really matters right?
And, YES, he made that shot! Way To Go Muscle Shoals Cardinal Team! Kobe's team really gets out there and tries very hard and works well as a team and we are very proud of them!

Saturday morning, I was up early like usual. That is when I do get most of my cleaning done though while everyone else is still asleep. I don't mind doing it that way because then I can just enjoy the rest of my weekend. Samuel had been asking me over and over to please take him on a "field trip". We decided on two field trips for that day. We decided on the Pet Store and the music store. My children all like to go to look at every single pet in the entire store. They are cute about it too! They talk to some of the animals, they mimmick some of the animals, they pet some of the animals, and then we go on our merry way. We usually spend quite a bit of time just walking around and enjoying seeing all the different kinds of creatures that God has created.

After the pet store, we went straight to one of our local music stores. We have two local music stores in our area. We like to alternate between the both of them because we know the people at both places. This week we went to one that John's friend works at where he teaches lessons. My step-son, Callum, has been wanting to start lessons so we took him over there to introduce him to John's friend and of course, let them all try out the instruments and hear some of the teachers there play. Kobe and I had a great time in the piano room playing on the synthesizer and Samuel and I had fun on the conga drums! We got to hear a little concert by one of the workers/teachers there on the piano and all the children were impressed! Then John's friend who teaches guitar there said he would give us a little show too. My children sat with thier mouths open listening to this incredible guitarist. He really did a great job... I wouldn't mind one bit for Callum to begin taking from this very talented man. Callum was so excited. It was really cute to see a teenager get excited over something because they think they are too big to get excited and actually be happy about anything at this age!;)

A great time was had by all and a lot of good time was spent with eachother. They are so sweet on the way home when we do things like that all excited about what they saw or learned. I look forward to many more "field trip" Saturdays with my family. We ended our weekend off by going to church and worshipping the Lord and having a great lesson! That night, Callum went to the youth group's "Capture the Flag" game and bonfire. I was very proud of him. This was his first time going. He is still getting settled in from moving here and adjusting to all of the changes but he is doing so well. The kids were out of school for MLK Jr day on Monday and with all the snow we have had they didn't want to go back to school anyway. This morning was a rough one for them trying to get up and get to school. They all seemed to have a great day, except Callum. His was even better than "great". When I asked how his day was, he said, "It was epic!". I think that is a good thing... ;) I am so proud of all four of my guys! I am really looking forward to making new memories with them!


  1. I can't get over how big your boys are getting..they are so handsome and sweet...makes me want a brother for Kal-el everytime I see your pictures of them :)

  2. Thank you, Lauren. They really are sweet brothers!


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